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Bassinet Skirt  -- The Details

A bassinet skirt comes in different sizes, styles, colors and is created by many different manufacturers. You will be able to find very simple bassinet skirts or very elegant according to the décor of your nursery.

A bassinet skirt can just cover the basket part of the bassinet giving you an easy access to the shelf or basket beneath the basket or they can completely cover the underneath part and drape to the floor. Either one you choose your bassinet can be transformed into what ever you choose, from whimsical to elegant.

The Badger Eyelet One-Tier Long Standard Bassinet Skirt Set 260S is an elegant and graceful bassinet skirt that flows to the floor. It is crafted with the pretty white eyelet that everyone loves. This skirt comes complete with the matching hood cover and a sheet. You will love the pink and blue bows that can be attached to give your bassinet a more personal touch. The fabric is made of a soft polyester and cotton blend that is machine washable. The complete set is $50.

The Badger Eyelet Three-Tier Long Jumbo Bassinet Skirt Set 290J is a very classy bassinet skirt. The three tiers are beautiful as the cascade down the sides of the crib and flowing to the floor. It has the same wonderful features as the bassinet skirt above and can be found for around $60 online.

Hoobobbers has a wonderful collection for you to choose from for your bassinet skirt. Their blue plaid collection is wonderful for a baby boy. This is a very unique bassinet skirt set that will have everyone wondering where you find such an awesome ensemble. It is 4 piece set that comes complete with the full skirt, hood cover, sheet and blanket. Their Faire collection is also very unique and stylish with a Victorian flair on the old fashioned bicycle rider. The vintage design is very pretty and the colors are wonderful. The complete set comes with the full length skirt, hood cover, fitted sheet and lightweight blanket. The pink Etoile is very popular among parents of newborn baby girls.

As you can see a bassinet skirt is not plain anymore. You can dress them up and give them a personal touch like never before.

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