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Bassinet Mattress

Okay, your mother gave you a wonderful bassinet as a baby shower gift. The problem is that it use to be yours and you can not find a new bassinet mattress anywhere and you have no idea where you should look or what type you should buy.

Well, a bassinet mattress can be found online and at most retail stores that sell bassinets. Sometimes, though, you can not purchase just the mattress at some retail stores. But, you can online. You should first remember these mattresses are not as sturdy as regular crib mattresses. But, you also do not want to use a soft pillow as some of your friends may suggest. Babies can suffocate in these soft pillows. You should look for a mattress that is firm enough that your babies face can not sink into the fabric. This will ensure safety.

A bassinet mattress can be found in two different sizes 16x32 and 13x29, so you will need to measure to be able to buy the correct size for your bassinet. Most mattresses are usually 2 inches thick and are made with a fire retardant, high density foam and then is covered with an easy to clean vinyl fabric.

When you are searching for a bassinet mattress be sure to look for the above features. You do not want a cloth fabric that you can clean and you do need a soft but durable pad for your little one to sleep on.

When you find the perfect bassinet mattress you will also find several lovely sheets and other accessories to enhance the beauty of the bassinet. Your mother will be so delighted when she walks in your baby’s nursery and sees what you have done with your old bassinet. This will not only please her but will give her wonderful memories.

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