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The Alpha Omega Car Seat - The Only Car Seat You Need


Most manufacturers of baby car seats make at least 3 and sometimes 4 different sizes to match the different sizes of your child. This means buying at least 3 different car seats as your child grows which can add up to a considerable amount of money. The Alpha Omega car seat addresses this problem – it is suitable for all children from 5 pound infants to 100 pound eight-year olds.

The Alpha Omega car seat is manufactured by Cosco. They also have a full range of car seats in various sizes, but obviously felt there was a need for a “grow with me” car seat.

There are three models of the Cosco Alpha Omega car seats. All three models can be used in either a rear-facing or front-facing position. The rear-facing position offers the greatest safety for small children and the front-facing position has to be used for bigger children.

The rear-facing position is suitable for children up to 35 pounds in weight. In this position, the Alpha Omega car seat can be attached using the integral LATCH system that is standard equipment in late-model cars.

The Alpha Omega car seat can be reclined in three different positions for infants and toddlers. There is an insert for infants that keeps baby comfortable and secure.

Once your baby has outgrown the infant insert, he or she can continue to use the same Alpha Omega car seat in the rear-facing position. The 5-point harness system has 4 positions to match any size child.

When your child’s legs are too long to continue using the rear-facing position, the Alpha Omega car seat converts to a front-facing car seat. The adjustable pillow ensures that your child’s head will always be secure and the 5-point harness can continue to be used until your child reaches 40 pounds in weight.

Children more than 40 pounds can use the Alpha Omega  in the booster seat mode. The booster position allows your child to use the car’s lap and shoulder belts safely. The booster position gives your child comfortable padded head support.

For an all-in-one car seat, this car seat is a pretty good performer. Some parents may miss the carrier handle that is standard on most infant car seats. Carrier handles allow you to easily carry baby from the car to the house and also allow you to use the car seat as an extra bed when you are visiting.

Other than the carrier handler, Cosco's  Alpha Omega car seat has everything you need in a child car seat.
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Car Seats are so important for your child's safety that you can't take it lightly. Never buy used car seats, although they can look great they might have hidden weaknesses. You don't know what happened with them before. Never play around with your child's safety in order to safe a few bucks.

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