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A Britax Car Seat for Maximum Safety


There’s no doubt about it – you want the safest for your child. When it comes to car seats, Britax is one of the best. Their baby car seat will provide both safety and comfort for your child.

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Brittax Regent Booster Car Seat

Britax makes car seats in four categories for children of different sizes. There is a model that will exactly suit your child’s needs.

For infants, Britax makes the Companion model. This model is an award winning design with several innovative features. The head pad has air-filled pockets that adjust to exactly suit the size of your baby. This is a rear-facing infant seat that will attach to a LATCH system (if your car is equipped with it) or with regular seat belts.

There are several safety features in this car seat. The anti-rebound bar will reduce rebound movement in a car crash. Baby is secured with a 5-point harness system.

For larger children there is  a series of convertible seats that adjust as your child grows.

Be sure to investigate the RoundAbout and Marathon line of baby car seats. Be A convertible Britax car seat can face either front wards or backwards and can accommodate children up to 65 pounds in the front facing position.

The Wizard convertible Britax
car seat is designed to withstand side impacts. Side impacts are the second deadliest type of car accident after frontal crashes. All car seats are designed to withstand frontal crashes but the Wizard model is one of the few designed to protect your child against side crashes.

Britax has a series of frontal facing seats in their “youth” line. A youth Britax car seat is suitable for children up to 80 pounds. These models feature a 5-point harness system and also have a tethering system for the top of the seat to minimize movement of the seat.

Children up to 100 pounds in weight can use a booster Britax car seat. These seats have side-impact protection and an adjustable head rest to suit children up to 60 inches in height. In addition, there is an adjustable base that will fit to the size of your child.

The quality of Britax car seats are known throughout the industry. Many of these models are certified for use in aircraft. A Britax car seat is one of the best investments you can make to ensure your child’s safety.
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Car Seats are so important for your child's safety that you can't take it lightly. Never buy used car seats, although they can look great they might have hidden weaknesses. You don't know what happened with them before. Never play around with your child's safety in order to safe a few bucks.

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