Car Seat Travel Systems

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Car Seat Travel Systems


You hear all the talk about car seat travel systems with so many on the market it can some times be confusing. Which kind should I select or purchase or maybe you are not even sure what it is? Well car seat travel systems are complete packaged set that includes basically a baby stroller, an infant car seat and infant carrier and a car seat base. Infant car seats have handles that allow it to be used as an infant carrier. It straps to the base can be seat-belted into a vehicles.

It makes in convenient for parents to move their child from car to destination all while strapped in to the same carrier. Car seat travel systems are particularly great for sleeping infants and eliminate the need to actually remove the sleeping child from the car seat. Then the carrier also snaps onto the stroller frame for added convenience.

So you can see car seat travel systems are versatile and are really great for parents to get around with their babies.

Just remember not to keep your baby in her car seat for long periods at time. Young infants need to be able to lie flat and move around and this is important to their development. It's also important to make sure that the car seat in the system fits your car correctly and if it doesn’t your better off buying a separate car seat and stroller.

One of the most talked about car seat travel systems today is the Eddie Bauer system. It has lots of neat features such as a full wrap pad, nice adjustable canopy and base plus a head and hip roll. So light weight and it only weighs about eight pounds and that nice for parents that are always on the go.

Eddie Bauer car seat travel systems also include Multi-position reclining seat for baby's comfort, Five-point harness system and Front and rear suspension give baby a smooth ride.

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