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The seats in your automobile are designed for adults. They are unsafe for infants and small children. Thatís why itís necessary to always use a baby or child car seat when there is a child in your car. Century car seats are well known and make a good choice for any car seat purchase.

There are three basic types of car seats Ė the infant seat, the convertible seat and the booster seat. Infant seats are for newborns and babies up to 20 pounds in weight. Convertible models are suitable for toddlers and older children up to about 80 pounds. Booster seats are made to give extra height so that the child can use the car seatbelts. Century car seats are available in all three styles.

The infant car seat is rear-facing and protects the baby from being thrown forward in case of an accident. There is a good selection of infant Century car seats to choose from. Many models have a handle so that the seat can double as a carrier. These seats are very comfortable for baby and they make a good temporary bed if you are visiting friends.

Century car seats for infants attach securely with the carís seat belt. The baby is secured in the seat with a 3 point harness that with a quick-release mechanism. For greatest safety, the infant seat should be place in the rear seat of the car.

Once your child is 20 pounds or so he or she should be using a convertible seat. Convertible Century car seats can be positioned either front-facing or rear-facing. The rear-facing mode is suitable for children up to about 40 pounds in weight, and the front-facing mode is for children who are about 40 to 80 pounds in weight.

When the Century car seat is rear-facing, it provides extra protection to small children in case of an accident. The rear-facing position prevents the child from being thrown from his seat. Older children with longer legs cannot use this position, so the chair must be used in the front-facing position for them.

Convertible Century car seats come with a 5-point harness system that keeps your child securely in place. They have quick-release mechanisms that allow you to quickly release your child with the minimum of fuss.

For older children who are too big for the convertible seat, there is a range of booster Century car seats. These seats give children the extra height needed to use the regular car safety belts. The seats are held in place with the lap belt, and the shoulder belt fits over the child.

Century car seats are available in many models. You are sure to find a Century car seat to exactly suit your childís needs.

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