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Evenflo is a company that has been making child care products for more than eighty years. They began by manufacturing baby products such as bottles and nipples, but have since expanded their line and are now making items such as strollers, high chairs and car seats. They have a complete range of car seats and you can find an Evenflo car seat that is perfect for your child.

For newborns and small babies an infant Evenflo car seat combined safety and convenience. There are two models to choose from. Each model features a convenient carrying handle and a canopy to keep the sun out of baby's eyes.

The infant Evenflo car seat is suitable for babies up to 22 pounds. There is either a three-point or a five-point harness system which can be easily adjusted using just one hand. The padding on these car seats is comfortable and secure for baby.

The carrying handle on the Evenflo infant car seat is convenient for carrying baby to and from the car. The base of the car seat can be left in the car allowing you to quickly attach and unattach the seat.

Once your child has outgrown an infant car seat he can graduate to a convertible Evenflo car seat. These car seats can be used in either a front facing or rear facing position. The rear facing position is suitable for children up to 30 lbs., while the front facing position can be used for children who weigh between 20 and 40 pounds.

The rear facing position will give extra protection in case of an accident. It prevents the child from being thrown forward. While in the front facing position the child will be secured with a five-point harness. Each Evenflo car seat has an easy to adjust harness system which makes them both safe and convenient.

Children who are bigger than 40 pounds need to use a booster car seat. These seats can be used until the child is about eight years old or until he or she is big enough to safely use the car seat belt system. Evenflo makes several models of booster seats. There is a booster Evenflo car seat to perfectly suit your child.

There are two basic models of booster car seats to choose from. You can get a booster Evenflo car seat with either a high-back or a low back. The high-back models are suitable for cars which have a low seat. The low back models can be used in cars which have a high seatback and a support for the head.

Evenflo has a reputation for manufacturing quality products. With an Evenflo car seat you can be assured of your child's safety.

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