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Peg Perego Car Seats


Quality and comfort is what you find with the Peg Perego Car Seat. As with all Peg Perego products the durability and comfort come first. Of course this is only one of the available brands of baby car seats, but it is an important one! And not to be missed.

Peg Perego Car Seats for extra safety
Peg Perego Strollers for extra comfort

The Peg Perego Car Seat can be used with all of the Peg Perego strollers. It easily unattaches from the base and attaches to the Peg Perego strollers with just one step. The base of the car seat can remain in the car at all times and is installed with your cars seat belts or with the remote deluxe latch.

The safety belt on the Peg Perego Car Seat has three different positions for use, which is great for the comfort and safety of your infant. These positions will help keep the strap from rubbing against your baby’s neck and causing them to be uncomfortable during the trip. To adjust the tension of the safety belt a button is conveniently located on the seat. Adapter pads are also included for your infant when they are first born to help keep your infant sitting in a safe and comfortable position.

The hood of the Peg Perego Car Seat reclines for keeping the sunlight off of your little while in the car or while walking to your front door. The handle has four different positions that you can use to carry the car seat. This will help with the comfort of your wrist and arm. Find the most comfortable position without putting too weight on your wrist. The weigh of the car seat is 7.4 pounds, not very heavy for carry around an infant.

You will be able to choose from different fabrics to match your Peg Perego Car Seat with your Peg Perego stroller. You can choose from Chesapeake, Diamante, City Chic, Expression, Black Sable, Metropolis, Synergy, X-plorer, and Metallica. All of these fabrics are beautiful and can be removed and are machine washable.

For use at baby and jogging strollers home, the Peg Perego Car Seat can be used as a swing that your little one is sure to enjoy. You will be able to dine out with your little one close at hand and enjoy the swinging motion.

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