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Baby Bjorn Baby Carriers are the perfect solution for active parents who know how important the feeling of closeness and safety are for a little child. With a carrier you have you hands free and your little one just inches away.

Baby Bjorn - A Trusted Brand

Baby Bjorn is an established brand in this market an has a track record of good products and customers service. In any case you'll definitely want to check out the Baby Bjorn baby carrying devices.Grow Intamacy

One of the best buys when it comes to Baby Bjorn baby products is the carrier. The carrier allows you to keep your baby close to you at all times, while freeing up your hands. The Original carrier from Bjorn is a popular item of purchase, and provides great support for your baby's head and back. You can use the carrier when your baby is a newborn, until he or she is about 6 lbs, and the product has eco-certification as well, so you won't be using any materials that are harmful to the environment. 

All Baby Bjorn Products Fully Comply to these Certification Guidelines

You can even wash the carrier in the washing machine, which makes it easy to clean.

The Baby Bjorn Carrier Line consists of :

And to keep your baby dry and warm in all weather a couple of good covers for these carriers.

Synergy Carrier

The Synergy Carrier is suitable for infants and newborns from 8 lbs up to 26 lbs and is the perfect choice for indoors and out. This carrier was designed with to give maximum support to your back and shoulders. It's a lightweight durable carrier worthy of further investigation.

Carrier Original

Carrier Original is the classic from Baby Bjorn, it guarantees safety for your child and you keep you hands free to go about your daily business. The babies back, head and back are very well supported, so your child feels secure and safe in your presence. This carrier is suitable for children from 8 - 25 lbs.

Baby Carrier Active

Baby Carrier Active is a sturdy baby carrier, designed to carry heavier children for longer periods of time it gives perfect support to your child as well as you own body. Suitable from newborn (8 lbs) to 26 lbs.

Baby Carrier Original

Star quality and glamour are the keynotes of this year's elegant version of the classic Baby Carrier Original. Baby Carrier Original Star is made from shiny black satin with a soft cotton lining. A classic with all the goodies of the successful Carrier Original plus the luxury and extra's to fit your lifestyle

Baby Bjorn Accessories

Other Baby Bjorn baby accessories of interest with the carrier include the bib for the carrier, as well as the carrier cover, which helps to shield your baby from the sun or extremely cold weather.

Baby Bjorn Baby carriers are not the only product this company has to offer, but it definitely is one of their strong points. Make sure not to overlook their strength

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