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Baby Bjorn is a manufacturer of popular baby products. They are a Swedish company founded in 1961 and are dedicated to producing safe and reliable baby carriers and other items designed to make parents lives easier.

Their most famous product is Baby Bjorn carrier. This is a front style carrier that gives plenty of contact between baby and parent. It allows parents to carry their baby while freeing their hands.

The baby carrier can be used with newborns one-week or older and children up to the age of one or two. It has a maximum weight capacity of 26 pounds.

The original baby carrier is still available. This model can support your baby in either a front facing or rear facing position. Small babies should be facing Mom or Dad to provide support for their heads, but once they are old enough to support their own heads they can be placed in the front facing position.

These carriers support the weight of baby on the crotch strap which passes between baby's legs. There has been some criticism of this design is being a possible health hazard for your baby's developing spine. Many pediatricians now recommend sling type carriers which allow your baby to be held in a natural curved position.

In any case, Baby Bjorn has many other useful baby products. Their Baby Sitter is an adjustable rocking chair designed for children from newborns to two years of age. This chair sits on the floor and response to small movements that baby makes by rocking gently back and forth. It's a great soother and can help baby fall asleep.

There are several Baby Bjorn products designed to make mealtime easier for parents and more fun for baby. They have a good selection of spoons and eating utensils, as well as colorful smocks for using as bibs.

As baby gets older you can try out the potty chairs and toilet trainers that a custom your child to using a regular toilet. The Baby Bjorn toilet trainer is used on the toilet seat and has a special splash guard for preventing accidents.

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