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Baby Backpack Carriers


There are many types of child carriers on the market today. Everything from baby sling carriers to baby hip carriers. If you wish to carry your baby on your back, there are framed baby carriers which are similar to traditional backpacks. Baby backpack carriers are especially useful for taking your baby on long hikes and also for everyday activities like shopping.

Backpack carriers are quite different from baby sling carriers or baby hip carriers. Sling carriers allow you to carry your baby in a variety of positions including the back, and some baby carriers can be used on both your front and back.

Backpack carriers are designed to carry your baby on your back only. They free your hands and allow your baby to get a good view of what's going on around him.

It can be a bit tricky getting used to a backpack carrier. The first couple of times, you should have some help putting it on. First put baby in his seat and then put the straps around her shoulders and stand up. Many backpack carriers have a stand which can support the weight of baby as you take on and put off the backpack.

When buying a backpack baby carrier, baby safety and parent comfort are the two most important considerations. There should be a harness system for your baby or goes over his shoulders and across his chest. On the comfort side, the backpack should be designed to distribute the weight evenly from your shoulders to your hips. Some packs have added lumbar support and there should also be a chest strap to take the weight off your shoulders.

You should look for a backpack with an adjustable seat so that it can accommodate your baby as he grows. Other things to look for include a padded seating area for your child, mash fabrics which can increase air circulation on hot days, and accessories like storage pockets and canopies for sun and rain protection.


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