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Baby Bjorn Active Carrier


The Baby Bjorn Active Carrier has a wonderful back and shoulder support for both you and your baby.

The Active Carrier is the most popular in their front carrier series. These carries are super handy. Its great to move around and have your hands free. But still have your baby close and secure.

Baby Bjon Active Carrier The younger children (from a week old onwards) face the parent, older babies can face outward. They love to face outwards by then. It's a possibility for them to explore and give a first hand "exploration report" to the parent.

A Baby Carrier will give you much more freedom to move around, get something done and have a bonding experience at the same time.

 Whether you need the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier for shopping in the mall or out hiking you will enjoy the convenience and comfort. All parents know how hard it is to get around stores with a stroller while trying to shop.

Now, you can carry your child and have both hands free to pick up items you wish to purchase.

The Baby Bjorn Active Carrier is recommended for babies from age newborn to any age up to 26 pounds.

More Specifics
An excellent feature of the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier is the lumbar support for your carrying comfort. The multi-adjustable buckle will allow the carrier to grow as the child grows to ensure their comfort until they no longer need to be carried. Leg straps for babies under 8 to 11 pounds to provide them with more safety from slipping through the leg openings. The carrier is made with 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The lining is 100% cotton. It is also machine washable in warm water.

Baby Bjorn is very active on the market for Baby Carriers but they don't stop there.


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