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Baby Bjorn Carrier


Babies ride free! If you own a Baby Bjorn Carrier, you’ll be happy to tote around your little cherub. There are two models available: Original and Active. Are you planning to spend long periods of time carrying your little one? If so, you’ll want to invest in the Active model. Normal, every day users will find the Original model just right for their needs.

Our arms ache to hold that precious newborn after its arrival, but within a few months our arms ache from holding the growing child for extended periods of time. A Baby Bjorn Carrier is a godsend when our babe is demanding to be held, but our arms are giving out. These “hands free” miracles are wonderful for keeping up with the demands of life, and the demands of a fussing infant simultaneously!

Sometimes, a nice long walk in the fresh outdoor air can be the key to renewing our spirits. With a Baby Bjorn Carrier, you’ll be able to set out, and enjoy some refreshing time. Just maybe the walk will send your tot into slumber. You won’t have to worry about awakening him when you return baby and jogging strollers home. The soft construction can easily be unbelted and you’ll be able to quietly lay the sleeping angel in his crib without disturbance.

Baby Bjorn Carriers are created for comfort, both for you and the child. Back and head supports are perfect for newborns, and large leg openings work great for growing tots. The color-coded buckle system saves you time, energy and avoids frustration. Comfortable padded straps will keep your shoulders feeling healthy as you carry around extra weight. Easy to assemble, easy to adjust, and comfortable to wear, Baby Bjorn Carriers are perfect for everyday use. Get out and enjoy the fresh air. Take the time to introduce that youngster to the glory of the outdoors, and don’t forget to take the time to stop and smell the flowers yourself!

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