Baby Bjorn Gingham Infant Carrier

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Baby Bjorn Gingham Infant Carrier


The Baby Bjorn Gingham is a very beautiful infant carrier with black interior and gingham checks on the piping. Not only is the carrier stylish but is very convenient and easy to use. Parents everywhere turn to Baby Bjorn for their style, comfort, and ease of use.

The Baby Bjorn Gingham infant carrier is the carrier that will grow as your baby grows. When the baby is first born and needs that warmth and security that only a parent can give, your child is close and comfortable in this unique carrier. As he grows and can support his head, he can face outward to view the world and his surroundings by folding down the neck rest. The adjustable buckle allows you to give your child the room they need as they grown.

Convenience and comfort for you and your baby is what the Baby Bjorn Gingham infant carrier is all about. All of the adjustments are in the front making it so easy to use and adjust. The wide padded straps will take the strain off of your back by distributing the weight evenly across your back. The front will open so you can lay your sleeping baby down during nap time for a more comfortable position.

This Baby Bjorn Gingham infant carrier is great for babies from 21 inches long and weighing at least 8 pounds. The leg straps should be used for smaller babies to ensure their safety. Smaller babies may slip out of the openings. You can however purchase the Retrofit Kit for babies 8-11 pounds to reduce the size of the leg openings. This carrier can be used until your child weighs 22 pounds. The carrier is made from strong 100% cotton and has no formaldehyde. It is machine washable but should be washed separately in warm water.

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