Baby Bjorn XL Straps

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Baby Bjorn XL Straps


The Baby Bjorn XL Straps are to be used with the Baby Bjorn Carrier. The carrier is wonderful for keeping your hands free while still being able to cuddle your little close and comfortable.

These extra large Baby Bjorn XL straps are great for parents where one parent is smaller than the other. The smaller parent can use the standard straps and the other parent can add the interchangeable Baby Bjorn XL Straps.

The Baby Bjorn XL Straps are wonderful additions for parents who wear a Large or XL shirt. These straps will give the chance to also carry your infant and be comfortable. The straps are designed to distribute the weight evenly across your back so there will be less strain on your neck and shoulders.

When you use the Baby Bjorn XL Straps you will be able to enjoy the Baby Bjorn Carrier like everyone else. Convenience and comfort for you and your baby is what the Baby Bjorn Carrier is all about. The carrier is very easy to put on and remove. All of the adjustments are in the front making it so easy to use.

With the need for a troublesome stroller is gone with the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier. And using the Baby Bjorn XL straps allows parents that are larger than medium the same type of enjoyment. You and your child will love the bond that you both will receive when you carry your child instead of pushing him around in a stroller. As for breastfeeding mothers, you will be able to nurse your infant without removing him from the carrier for added convenience.

Whether you need the Carrier for shopping in the mall or out hiking you will enjoy the convenience and comfort when you add the Baby Bjorn XL straps. All parents know how hard it is to get around stores with a stroller while trying to shop. Now, you can carry your child and have both hands free to pick up items you wish to purchase.

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