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Backpack Baby Carrier


Hiking is a pastime that is like a healing balm to the hiker. It feels so good to escape the hustle and bustle of the world, and immerse in the quiet solitude of nature. The sun soothes aching shoulders, and brightens your spirits. The wind tossing strands of hair about you face is a caress. What a wonderful place to introduce to your newest family member! A backpack baby carrier is perfect for the introduction.

Often hikers carry backpacks filled with foods, and other items for outdoor survival. This time your backpack will look and feel a bit differently. Your cargo won’t be inanimate, cold and hard, but will be living, wiggly and alive. From your backpack baby carrier you’ll hear the delighted squeals of a youngster enthralled with new discoveries. Hiking will forever take on new life for you!

Backpack baby carriers often have frames that make them tough and durable for the rigors of the wild. Some come with “roofs” to keep the little one dry during an unexpected rainstorm, or to shield them from extreme exposure to the burning sunrays. Kickstands can keep the contraption upright for a brief time while you take a much-needed break, or for easily “packing up” an excited child. The padded shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly, and allow you to enjoy the trip as much as the tot.

This summer will be more exciting than ever. Are you looking forward to a brand new type of hiking? Of course a small child won’t be up to the “hard core” hiking that you may be used to, but from the seat of his backpack baby carrier he’ll enjoy the sights and sounds that excite you. Together you’ll make lasting memories and build a bond between parent, child and nature that will last a lifetime!

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