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If you are like most parents, you have a hard time putting all those extra coats and blankets on your baby just to take a trip down to the store. Let’s look at a typical outing, you have your baby ready to go, coat and all, you put them in the stroller and add the blanket over them to keep them warm. As you go out the door and head down the street, your baby kicks the blanket off and it gets hung in the stroller wheel. Now, you wish you had stayed indoors! There is a new innovative concept that is sure to take the frustration out of these outings. It is called the Bundle Me.

The Bundle Me is a bunting bag designed for warm and comfort. It is made with double sized fleece and sherpa. This bunting is like no other, the top can be removed with a zipper and your baby will still have the comfortable fleece bottom under him. This unique bag will fit in car seats, strollers, and even joggers. This is a great way to keep your baby safe and warm; it has reinforced openings where the safety harness can fit easily. It works with three and five point harness systems.

The Bundle Me is wind and water resistant and will also protect your little one from the harmful rays that the sun can cause. It is also machine washable which is a wonderful feature that make your life easier.

If you know anyone that has a newborn this would be a perfect gift. Not only will they love the feel of the Bundle Me, but they will also enjoy the convenience and time it will save them when they need to out and about.

The Bundle Me will eliminate the need for extra blankets and jackets and can be removed when the day gets warmer. This is the only outerwear you will ever need for your baby. This also saves you from buying extra jackets, coats, and blankets. This is the perfect way to keep your baby warm and protected all year long.

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