Deuter - Take your baby with you on your hiking trip

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Deuter - Take your baby with you on your hiking trip


Deuter is a German company specializing in outdoor hiking gear. They have a line of child carriers specifically designed for taking children on hiking trips. Some of their smaller models are ideally suited for city use and have several features that make them one of the most comfortable child carriers on the market.

There are four models of Deuter child and baby carriers available. Some of them are suitable for both recreational hiking and urban use, while others are specifically designed for getting around the city. All of them feature the unique Deuter ventilation system and adjustable child hardness.

There are three versions of the Deuter Kid Comfort carrier. The Kid Comfort I model is a lightweight pack with several convenient features for taking your child with you when you go shopping or visiting friends. The adjustable harness system lets you quickly find the most comfortable position for carrying your child and providing the most ventilation to your back for almost sweat-free backpacking comfort.

The Kid Comfort II model is a bit more versatile and can be used both on the trail and in the city. It features extra padding for distributing the weight load over your shoulders and hips as well as the standard Deuter ventilation system for maximum comfort.

The Kid Comfort III model is a full-fledged backcountry child carrier. It has a fully adjustable child seat and includes a weather shield to protect your precious bundle from the elements. Multiple storage compartments provide lots of space for storing all the things you need for extended hiking excursions.

All Kid Comfort carriers feature a collapsible stand which allows you to put the carrier on without any extra. The stand supports the weight of your child while you put the straps around your shoulders and make the necessary adjustments.

There are accessories available for Kid Comfort carriers to protect your child from rain and sun. The sunroof and rain cover can be used with the Kid Comfort I and II. There is an additional cover which provides wind protection for all models.

There is also a neck support they can be used with all models of Deuter child carriers. This accessory supports the weight of your child's head while he or she is sleeping.

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