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Evenflo Baby Frame Carriers


Are you an avid outdoorsman? There’s no need to curb your outings when your new family member arrives. Of course you may need to find shorter trails, or trails with more resting places along the way, but you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors in a brand new way. Evenflo Baby Frame Carriers make it possible with their sturdy and comfortable construction.

You’ll be able to walk great distances in comfort with your tot riding high in his Evenflo Baby Frame Carrier. The equally balanced weight distribution will make your hike more enjoyable. The padding sewn into the shoulder straps combine with a well-designed contour to create the ultimate comfort available. A unique sternum strap removes some of the weight from your shoulders as well.

An unexpected shower won’t put a damper on your outing. Evenflo Baby Frame Carriers come with a cover that will protect your youngster from the weather. Rain or scorching sunrays will be avoided when you quickly attach the shield. Dampness from the sky or inside the carrier can be uncomfortable. A mesh panel acts as a vent to keep perspiration to a minimum and comfort to a maximum.

Babies come with huge amounts of “stuff” that must be toted with them. Diapers, bottles, formulas, wipes, etc. tag along where ever you go. Your Evenflo Baby Frame Carrier has multiple storage pockets to accommodate the mound of things you need to pack away. It even has an insulated removable bottle pack that stores upright for safe bottle transportation. Aha, no unexpected wetness running down your back!

Babies “R Us, Burlington Baby Depot and other Independent Retailers carry the Evenflo Baby Frame Carriers. You’ll be able to invest in a summer of outdoor fun this year. Your Evenflo Baby Frame Carrier will tote your child until the reach 40 pounds. When the flowers start to bloom this year, you’ll be ready to introduce your tiny tot to them in style!

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