Get Back in Shape With An Infant Bike Carrier

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Get Back in Shape With An Infant Bike Carrier


Many parents like to include their children in their physical activities like hiking, jogging, and biking. Hikers can carry their children in a backpack, joggers can push their children in a three wheel stroller, and bikers can place their children in a bike carrier. There can be some dangers associated with infant bike carriers, however, so before using one, consider all the options.

The most important consideration about bike carriers is to make sure your child is old enough to sit in one properly. Your child should be able to walk before considering using a carrier.

A child should never be carried on the front of the bicycle. There is too much danger of serious injury if you were ever in a collision. Rear mounted child seats are a possibility, but they seriously affect the balance of the bicycle.

Care must be taken when using a rear mounted bicycle seat. The bike must be supported properly when you are placing the child in the seat, and the difference in weight distribution may take awhile to become accustomed to.

Bicycle seats should have a harness system of some kind to keep your child in place. There should also be safety guards to prevent your child's feet from getting caught in the spokes. Never underestimate the latter consideration.

Perhaps a much better solution for infant bike carriers is the child trailer. These are towed behind the bicycle and can be used for smaller children and even babies.

There are still risks when using a child trailer. It is possible that your child could be hit by flying pebbles or other objects. To prevent this, many child trailers can be fitted with protective screens the cover the opening of the trailer.

No matter which type of my carrier you decide on, always provide your child with a bicycle helmet. The helmet needs to fit the head properly without leaving any part of your child's head exposed.

Exercise caution when taking your child on bike rides. Stay on smooth surfaces and stay away from high-traffic areas. Be sure you are comfortable with the feel of the trailer before actually taking your child along with you. A few practice rides with the empty trailer will accustom you to differences in stopping times and maneuverability.

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