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Instep Baby Carriers

Instep has come up with a fabulous idea of combining stroller and carrier into one efficient design.


Getting around with a baby is always a challenge. Child carriers are great because they free your hands while keeping maximum contact with baby, but sometimes it's more convenient to put your child in a stroller. The trouble is, it's very inconvenient to take both carrier and stroller with you every time you leave the house.

Instep has come up with a fabulous idea of combining stroller and carrier into one efficient design.

When used as a child carrier, the stroller portion folds to the back of the carrier. You can now carry your child on your back like a regular backpack child carrier.

Any time the weight of you child becomes too heavy, or you are in an area which is suitable for a stroller, you can convert the backpack into a regular stroller. The tubular frame simply unfolds like a regular umbrella stroller.

The stroller has all the regular features that you would expect.

There are swivel wheels for easy maneuverability and rear wheel parking brakes for maximum safety when you need to stop. The Instep stroller also has a canopy for protection from the sun and rain, and there is an ample sized storage basket for holding baby supplies or shopping.

When used as a backpack, the wheels of the Instep carrier are covered to prevent your clothes from getting dirty. The backpack has padded shoulder straps and a belly strap that distributes the weight of your child evenly.

There are two models of Instep carrier/stroller. The regular model has 2 storage pockets and an ample sized seating area. The deluxe model has an extended canopy that covers from front to back for greater protection from the elements. This model would be ideal for areas that get a lot of rain.

Instep is best known for their three-wheel strollers that are popular with the jogging crowd, but this backpack/carrier design is sure to attract lots of fans due to its practical and efficient design.


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