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Lafuma is a well-known manufacturer of outdoor hiking equipment. Their specialty is backpacks, so it is only natural that they extended their line into the child and baby carrier market. They currently have two models of a child carriers designed for backcountry use. These are high quality carriers with special features that make them comfortable even on extended hikes.

Their top-of-the-line model is the Walkid Liftback. This backpack child carrier allows you to make adjustments to the back panel as you are hiking. There is no need to take the pack off -- the straps can be adjusted for maximum comfort level without taking baby out of the carrier.

The quick adjust system also makes this carrier ideal for parents who want to be able to use the same carrier. Some carriers are difficult to adjust, so parents end up buying two separate carriers -- one for Mom and one for Dad. Not so with Lafuma carriers -- even if Mom and Dad are very different in height they can quickly and easily adjust this carrier to suit their body shape.

Don't get the idea that this pack is only for the comfort of parents. A lot of thought has also been given to the safety and comfort of baby as well. The harness system is padded and the seat has lots of adjustment for babies are different sizes. There is a good sized storage area under the child seat for carrying diapers and extra accessories for your baby.

This carrier is ideal for backcountry use except for one small detail. The rain cover/sunshield should really extend more to the sides. It is okay for protecting baby from noontime sun, but doesn't offer enough protection in the mornings or afternoons.

Lafuma also makes a smaller model called the Walkid. It also features ample storage space and an adjustable strap system. It is less adaptable than the Walkid Liftback model to parents of different body sizes, but is ideal for hiking or urban use when the primary user will be just one parent.

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