Macpac Possum - Backpack Baby Carriers From New Zealand

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Macpac Possum - Backpack Baby Carriers From New Zealand


Macpac is a New Zealand company that makes excellent quality backpacks. They have a good selection of child carriers, and one of their most popular models is the Macpac Possum.

The Possum is a backpack child carrier with several features that make it one of the most convenient backpack child carriers on the market. It is easy to adjust for both baby and adult so Mom and Dad can use the same pack without fiddling with complicated strap mechanisms.

Many backpack carriers on the market today are very inconvenient when it comes to adjusting straps. A poorly fitted pack can cause unnecessary pressure and may even result in permanent back damage. The Possum avoids these problems with its unique adjustment system. It is easy to distribute the weight correctly over your shoulders and hips by making a few simple adjustments to the harness system.

The Possum is also very comfortable for baby. The safety harness and height adjustment are easy to set for children of any size. There is lots of padding as well as convenient features like storage pockets and even a rearview mirror!

The Possum is suitable for both urban and hiking use. Although specifically designed for backcountry hiking, it has special features that make it ideal for hiking around the shopping mall. The face cushion is easily removable for washing, and the storage pockets provide plenty of space for carrying your keys, wallets, extra diapers, and toys.

Macpac carriers are aimed at the serious hiking crowd. The Possum fits right in with the rest of their line. It is well constructed with the same attention to detail that makes Macpac products so durable. Even though parents may be tempted to continue their hiking activities after baby is born, Macpac warns that babies should not be taken on some types of hiking excursions.

In particular, mountainous hiking can be dangerous for your baby because the uneven terrain increases the risk of falls. High altitude hiking is also not suitable for small children because they are exposed to lower temperatures and don’t have the benefit of movement to keep them warm.

For day hiking, however, Possum carriers are ideal. Because of the easy adjustment system both Mom and Dad can take turns carrying the child. Children under the age of 6 months, however, should not be taken on extended hikes.

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