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Why should you choose a baby sling over conventional infant carriers?


Not only do baby slings give you a wonderful way to carry your child but they are also beneficial for a healthy and happy baby.

Carrying your infant in a baby sling will give your baby the much needed pressure, warmth, security and sound that are similar to the womb that your newborn infant requires for his nervous system. When babies are first born they are curled up in a ball and when they try to straighten out they are not as comfortable. The baby sling will hold your infant in this position and the movement of your body with the sling will help them adjust and pull out of this flexed position in a more natural environment.

The baby sling is a very convenient and easy to use carrier. It is becoming a very popular item among most parents today. Not only for the health benefits that you child will receive but for the convenience. Many slings slip over one shoulder and the opposite hip or there are also different styles that allow you to carry your infant on your back. The majority of baby slings can be folded to fit in a purse or diaper bag. You will be able to carry your child in front, back, or even on your side giving you more positions to choose from than most carriers. Even the nursing baby will be able to nurse in a more private way, giving you the confidence to nurse discreetly.

There are many benefits for you and your baby for you to carry them with a baby sling. Your arms are free, and you can shop or hold your other child’s hand and still bond with your infant. Research has showed that babies need to be carried and babies that are carried by slings benefit so much more than other babies. Babies that are carried with slings do not cry as much and are much more content than infants carried in an infant carrier. Research has also showed that the babies that are carried with a sling show signs of advanced mental development among other wonderful characteristics.

Research of the baby sling has proven that babies that are carried in this fashion bond with their parents in a way that other babies do not. The babies that develop this kind of bond with their parents grow into children that are more secure, settled, trusting, sensitive, empathetic, sociable, independent, considerate, co-operative, positive, adaptable, eager to learn, confident and affectionate.

So, investing in a baby sling is investing in the healthy develop of your baby.

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