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New parents quickly learn that it's difficult to get around with a small baby. If you carry them in your arms, you don't have your hands free for opening doors or reaching in your purse. You can push them in a stroller, but sometimes this is impractical especially if you have to climb stairs or go up elevators. Child carriers are the ideal solution -- they give you a maximum mobility while allowing you to see and interact with your child at all times.

Child carriers may seem like a new idea, but in fact most traditional cultures use some kind of child carrier. How they ever passed out of fashion is unimaginable! How did our mothers manage without them?

There are actually several types of baby carriers. Some designs allow you to carry your baby on your back while others are more like slings that go over your shoulders. The type of carrier you choose depends on the age of your baby and his or her activity level. It can also depend on where you are taking baby -- if you are going to watch a parade, for example, she can see much more from baby backpack carriers.

Newborns require baby carriers that support their head. Baby sling carriers are ideal for this -- it is almost like carrying them in your arms. By the time of six months or so, you could look into baby carriers that position baby on your belly. Babies love this type because they can see what's going on and also have the same reassurance of being right in Mom's arms.

When buying a baby carrier, but for an expandable design. You will get a lot of use out of a baby carrier. They are suitable for babies from about six months up to two years old.

There are many manufacturers of baby carriers and you might be overwhelmed by the selection. Look for quality stitching and strong materials. Buying a baby carrier from a reputable manufacturer can be a good indication of quality.

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