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Different Types of Baby Slings


Find the baby sling that is best suited for you

Baby slings have become a popular way of carrying babies and toddlers. They offer many benefits over regular carriers -- they are comfortable for baby, provide more contact between parent and child, and can be used for nursing in public areas. There are several types of baby slings, and this article will give a quick overview of the various styles.

Sling carriers are usually classified as ring slings, pouch slings, and adjustable pouch slings. Ring slings offer the greatest flexibility and can be used by people of various heights. They come in two styles -- padded and unpadded. Padded slings are more comfortable for parent and baby but are also a little bit bulkier and maybe too hot in the summertime.

Ring slings are very simple. They are simply a length of fabric with two rings sewn to one end. The fabric is draped over their shoulders to create a pouch for the baby and the other end of the fabric is threaded through the rings. It is easy to adjust the height of your baby using ring slings.

Pouch slings cannot be adjusted. They are tube-shaped pieces of fabric that go over one shoulder to form a pouch for the baby. Pouch slings cannot be shared by people of different sizes, and as your baby gets bigger he or she may outgrow the pouch.

These problems are addressed by the adjustable pouch style. It is similar in style to the pouch sling, but the sling can be adjusted before putting it on. This allows you to get more use out of the sling -- it can be used for children of different sizes and usually Mom and Dad can wear the same sling.

The wraparound sling does not have any attachment devices. It is simply a piece of cloth which is tied together once baby is in place. This type of sling offers the most flexibility in terms of positioning, but it is quite difficult to learn how to use.

Baby sling carriers are ideal for carrying your baby when you are doing household chores or caring for other children. They free both hands but give baby the comfort of having close bodily contact with you. Slings also provide the best kind of support for your growing baby -- his spine is held in a gentle S curve which is ideal for development.

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