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Premaxx - Child and Baby Carriers from JJ Cole


JJ Cole is a company that makes all kinds of baby products. They have several carriers for infants and small children, and their Premaxx line is a very popular child carrier. It can be used for newborns right up to kids about 18 months old.

The Premaxx is modeled on sling carriers which go over one shoulder. This allows the weight of the child to be distributed evenly across your back while giving face-to-face contact with your baby. It also places your baby in the ideal position for nursing with the Premaxx giving you plenty of privacy.

Small children can be carried in the fetal position next to your belly. Studies have shown that this kind of contact is beneficial to babies -- it gives them a feeling of comfort and can calm colicky babies.

As your child gets bigger, you can use the Premaxx to carry him or her in a seating position. No matter which position you use, the Premaxx frees your hands for other tasks and allows you to care for other children or to household work.

For excursions or shopping trips, the Premaxx comes with plenty of pockets and storage space for taking along all the extra equipment for baby. The wide carrying strap has pocket space which provides easy access to the contents.

This carrier is designed to support your child at above hip level. If the child is carried too low, it may cause back pain and discomfort for the parent. It also makes it difficult to sit down with your child in the carrier.

Some parents have reported that the strap that is too long to be adjusted properly for their height. Parents of average height, although, should have no trouble adjusting the Premaxx properly.

This is a stylish carrier that is available in several colors. It is suitable for children up to 35 pounds and comes with a three-year guarantee. It is machine washable. - Free Shipping! - Shop the best brands

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