Rebozo Baby Sling

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Rebozo Baby Sling


The Rebozo baby sling is a one of a kind design that is unique, convenient and comfortable for both you and your child. This wonderful sling is made in Mexico and uses a unique tie-on design that makes it one of the easiest slings to use today. It is very lightweight, see through and breathable. Many slings today are not breathable and may cause your infant to become too warm which can make them very uncomfortable especially during those hot summer months.

The Rebozo baby sling is perfect for babies through the toddler ages. There are many different carrying positions that make this baby sling awesome. You can use the sling in these positions, the plus shawl, beach wrap, baby blanker, belly binder, just to give you some ideas to start with. Many women in Mexico have used these slings for years and now you can also purchase these unique slings and have your baby close to you at all times.

The Rebozo baby sling is the most beautiful sling you will see around today. The dying method used is called ikat. In this method the knots are tied around the fibers before they are dyed, leaving un-dyed portions, which are then aligned during weaving to achieve the desired pattern.

The Rebozo baby sling grows as your baby grows. When he is still very young and needs to sleep a lot, he can sleep for hours while lying in the sling. As he grows older and wants to enjoy the scenery he can then sit in a comfortable position to see the world around him.

This unique Rebozo slings will keep your child safe and secure while your hands are free to do other things. You will love having your baby close to you and still be able to perform shopping trips and have your hands free. You will not have to lay your baby down to fish around in your purse for your wallet at the checkout stand. You will have him sleeping in the sling and both hands are free to find your wallet or car keys down in the bottom of your purse.

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