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Sling of Front Infant Carriers


There are many infant carriers on the market today causing confusion amongst parents looking to buy one. Not only are there hundreds (seemingly) of manufacturers, there is also a big variety of styles. Carriers that may be suitable for older kids are not always suitable for infants, so be careful when buying a carrier for your newborn.

Up until fairly recently the most popular type of infant carrier has been the front carrier. This has shoulder straps for the parent, and baby sits in the carrier facing Mom or Dad. His weight is supported with a crotch strap and his legs dangle below the carrier.

More recently, we have seen the increasing popularity of the sling carrier. There are several variations on this style of carrier, but basically it forms a “pocket” that baby can lie in. It provides a lot of physical contact between baby and parent while freeing the arms of Mom or Dad.

Sling carriers are thought to be better for small babies because it supports their spine in a natural position. The front style carrier which places the weight of the baby on a crotch strap may cause the spine to compress which could cause problems when the baby has grown up.

These types of frontal carriers are suitable for older children who can support their own weight, but before the age of one year or so, it would be advisable to use sling carriers for infants.

Newborns and babies up to about two months also need to have their heads supported whenever they are picked up and carried. The sling carrier provides the proper had support, but the parent must be careful when putting baby into the sling to support her head properly.

Backpack carriers are not suitable for small infants. They can be used from the time that baby can walk, and even then, special considerations should be taken to support his spine. Backpack carriers should have an actual seat rather than a crotch strap for baby to sit on, and there should also be foot rests so that baby can bend his legs while he is in the backpack carrier.

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