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WaterTot A Baby Carrier For the Swimming Pool


If you love swimming and going to the swimming pool, you'll probably want to introduce your baby to the joys of water sports as soon as possible. Most babies love to play in the water and will enjoy the fun atmosphere of the pool.

The problem with taking babies in the pool, however, is that they are slippery little creatures! Any parent who has taken their baby swimming is familiar with the frightening experience of losing grip while their baby is in the water.

In order to solve this problem and make swimming time more enjoyable for both parents and babies, a company called WaterTot has developed a unique baby carrier for the swimming pool. Like a regular carrier, WaterTot supports the baby while freeing the hands of Mom or Dad.

This carrier is designed for babies between 8 pounds and 30 pounds. It is made of a neoprene fabric which will hold up for years even when exposed to chlorinated swimming pool water. It is lightweight and even floats in the water.

It is very easy to use WaterTot. Unlike some traditional baby carriers, it can be put on without any assistance from anyone else. It is worn like a tank top and snapped together and baby can be easily slipped in or out while it is being worn or after it has been taken off.

All the enclosures are safe for your baby and easy to operate. Baby can be supported in a front facing for maximum interaction between baby and parent. It can also be used as a hip carrier where baby is facing forward.

WaterTot is a wonderful product for increasing the safety of your baby in the swimming pool. It is designed for wading in shallow water or even for taking baby into the shower.

 It should definitely not be used for water sports like skiing, diving, or jumping into the water.

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