A Cosco High Chair – Inexpensive and Easy to Assemble

Cosco High Chairs - Perhaps not such a good idea


Thinking about buying a Cosco high chair for your baby? Here’s something to consider before laying down your money. The Cosco Options 5 High Chair was recalled in 2000 for having several defects which made them dangerous for children.

This seat on this Cosco high chair could separate from the frame and fall to the ground. At the time of the recall there had been 168 reports of children falling out of the chair.

Even though this recall happened a few years ago, there are no high chairs on the Cosco web site today. It is hard to tell if Cosco is still manufacturing high chairs. Perhaps they wish to distance themselves from this model of Cosco high chair.

Also in 2000, Cosco was fined $1.75 million for withholding information that their baby products were unsafe. They failed to report product defects which caused injuries and death to children. They were charged with knowingly withholding information about defects in Cosco high chairs, cribs, car sats and strollers.

Two babies died and 300 children were injured as a result of using Cosco products. The ironically named “Safety 1st” company, a sister company to Cosco, was also fined for unsafe children’s products. Kind of makes you think twice about buying a Cosco high chair.

Is there a Cosco high chair in production today? They have received a lot of bad publicity. From 1990 to 2000 Cosco had twelve recalls of unsafe children’s products and Safety 1st had five recalls. Both companies are subsidiaries of Dorel USA Inc.

There seems to be one or two models of Cosco high chair on the market today. Reviews are generally unfavorable. The best point about them seems to be that they are cheap.

The Cosco Disney high chair features a molded plastic base. It is very inexpensive and lightweight. This Cosco high chair is easy to assemble by snapping the legs together and inserting them into the base.

A Cosco high chair will save you a lot of money. The general concession, though, is that these are not quality chairs and may be dangerous.


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