Amish Baby High Chairs

Amish Baby High Chairs - Attractive and Practical

Amish furniture has a classic look it has endured for decades. The simple and elegant design makes Amish furniture suitable for any room of the house. Even babies can enjoy Amish furniture - Amish baby high chairs are great looking and functional.

Amish baby high chairs are made of solid oak or cherrywood. They are so sturdy and well-built and they will last for generations. Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will all be able to use the same Amish high chair.

Amish baby high chairs are available in four basic styles - Bow-Back, Wheat-Back, Acorn-Back or Plain Back style. There is also choice of a sliding tray or a flip back tray. The trays are recessed for containing the spills that are inevitable when feeding small child.

You can get Amish baby high chairs in a variety of finishes. To the finish that matches your dining room furniture. When used in the dining room, these high chairs are designed to fit at the table. In contrast to most high chairs, Amish high chairs are the same height as most dining room tables.

Amish baby high chairs come with a three point harness system to prevent baby from sliding out of the seat. The high chair is very sturdy so there's no danger of it tipping over.

There are many advantages to owning solid wood furniture, and these also apply to Amish baby high chairs. Solid wood is a durable material that will last for many years. If it ever gets scratched or dented, it is easy to repair.

Amish baby high chairs are handcrafted of the highest quality materials. Attention is given to each chair to ensure that the craftsmanship is up to Amish standards.

Once your child no longer needs a high chair, the tray on Amish baby high chairs can be removed, converting them into a youth chairs. These chairs are ideal for children at that in-between age -- too big for a high chair but too small for an adult chair. The youth chair is the perfect height for sitting comfortably at the table.

In short, Amish baby high chairs are attractive and practical -- qualities that they have in common with all Amish furniture.

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