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Booster High Chair - So Convenient When you are on the Go


Even if you already have a high chair for your baby there are times when a booster high chair can come in handy. They are great if you are on the road and eating in restaurants, and they are also useful when visiting friends.

But don't think of boosters as simply portable high chairs. They also make great intermediate chairs for that time when your child is too big for her regular highchair and too small for adult chairs.

Just as with a baby high chair, a booster chair must be used with caution. Never leave your baby unsupervised -- no matter whether she is in a portable high chair, a wooden high chair, or a booster high chair she needs to be watched at all times.

The attachment method is the most important consideration when buying a booster chair. There should be plenty of attachment points to keep the booster securely in place on the adult chair. Ideally, there will be a strap that goes around each chair leg and the chair back.

There also needs to be a seatbelt to keep baby in her booster chair. Look for a harness system which is both comfortable and secure.

Pay special attention when choosing which adult chair you are going to attach the booster to. It has to be sturdy and have a wide enough base to stay balanced even if baby leans out of her chair.

There is a wide variety of booster chairs to choose from. They are available in both wood and plastic and have a good selection of styles and accessories that go along with them.

A booster chair can make a great portable high chair, so if you travel a lot, try to choose a booster chair that is light enough to carry around comfortably. Most plastic chairs are fairly light weight and some of them may even fold up into a flat carrying case.

If you are looking for a durable booster chair that will last through several hand me downs, consider getting a wooden booster chair. They may cost a little bit more than plastic chairs but they are more likely to hold up over several years of use. As with all baby gear, choose your high chairs from a reputable manufacturer for the greatest assurance of getting high quality products.

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