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Bumbo - Innovative Seats


One of the most innovative baby products in recent years is the Bumbo Seat. This is a molded foam chair that is designed for toddlers up to about 18 months. It is not a replacement for a highchair like the ones made by Svan or Baby Bjorn. Instead, it is designed to be used on the floor and give baby the support while developing her muscle control to stand up on her own.

The Bumbo can be used from the age when your baby can fully support her own head. This is generally about two months of age. At this time, your baby will be exploring her world and the Bumbo seat gives her an object to hold onto and support herself.

When seated in the Bumbo, your baby has support for her back and has a comfortable place to sit which holds her securely without the need for a harness system. This makes the Bumbo ideal for feeding, visiting friends and family, and taking with you to the park or the beach.

Even though your baby is held securely in the chair, your baby must still be supervised at all times in order to assure her safety. The Bumbo seat must be used on a level surface and is not a suitable replacement for a car seat.

It is, however, a very good replacement for traditional high chairs like those from Kettler or Rochelle. It is much more comfortable than a hardwood or plastic chair, and it is very easy to clean after meal times. Simply wiping it with a soapy cloth and rinsing it under the tap is all that is needed.

The Bumbo seat has other advantages over traditional high chairs. It encourages good posture and it can be used almost anywhere. While sitting in the seat, your baby can interact with the rest of the family and maintain eye contact with everyone at the table.

These chairs are available in a variety of bright colors and their low cost makes them accessible to everybody. Your baby will love the feeling of freedom that a Bumbo seat gives, and you will love the convenience of using this chair for your baby.

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