Graco Neat Seat High Chair

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Graco Neat Seat High Chair


A popular model of baby high chair is the Graco Neat Seat high chair. It has all the features that both babies and parents enjoy. The seat can be adjusted to many different positions in the chair has built in electronic toys to keep baby happy and occupied during mealtime.

The Neat Seat can be set to one of five height positions to match the height of your table. The three position reclining seat makes it easy to feed small babies and provides maximum comfort for older kids.

Parents need to consider safety when choosing any highchair for their baby. The Neat Seat is designed with safety in mind. It has a five point harnesses system and a permanently attached T-bar which keeps baby in position even when the tray is removed.

The lockable wheels allow you to roll the chair anywhere but Graco reminds you not to move the high chair while baby is sitting in it.

There are a few problems with this Graco high chair. It is difficult to adjust the height of the chair. This is okay if baby always sits at the same table, but if you have a kitchen table and a dining room table which are different heights you probably won't bother adjusting the height for each one.

The cloth seat pad can be removed for a machine washing but the side fabric has a tendency to become unattached. No big deal, but it doesn't look so great.

Kids love this Graco highchair because of the built-in toys. There are plenty of things to keep them busy while they are having their meal making mealtime easier for both parents and baby.

The tray has several compartments for different types of foods. The tray is quite large -- an advantage for meal times but a disadvantage for washing up -- it doesn't fit in average sized dishwashers.

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