Me Too Portable High Chairs

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Me Too Portable High Chairs


There is no doubt about it! Having a baby changes your life dramatically! One of the big changes is the time and planning required to take baby out. Thanks to the large number of baby products on the market today, however, parents can be more mobile than ever before. One of the handiest of these products is the Me Too! portable high chair.

There are several reasons to carry your own portable high chair when going to a restaurant. If the restaurant is busy, all their high chairs may be in use. In this situation you have no choice but to hold baby in your lap.

Even if the restaurant has a high chair available, who knows what terrible germs may be on it. It may be used by 50 children in one day and any one of them may be sick. If you carry your own portable high chair, you won't have these worries.

In addition, a portable high chair is ideal when visiting friends or relatives who do not have a suitable place for baby to sit. The portable chair can stay in the trunk of your car where it will be always available.

There are several brands of portable chairs but the Me Too! is one of the most popular. It is suitable for children up to 40 pounds in weight unit weighs just 2 pounds and folds into a package just 1 inch thick.

It has an easy to clean nylon seat and the frame and the clamps are made from aircraft grade aluminum.

This is a European designed chair and has been popular in Europe for more than 20 years. It clamps onto the side of the table with a rubber flange. It features a three-point harness system with a side release buckle to keep baby secure in the chair.

This is a very convenient chair to take with you almost everywhere. It allows baby to sit with you where she can see everybody at the table. The only downside of this chair is that it is not designed for bevel edged tables. The chair cannot be securely attached to a bevel edge.

This chair is a bit more expensive than other portable chairs but gives great value for the money. Its durable design ensures it can be used for baby sister or brother.

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