Svan Highchair - Practical and Adjustable

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Svan Highchair


The problem with most high chairs is that once baby outgrows them they are of no use.

The Svan highchair is different. It is an adjustable high chair that is suitable for children from the age of six months to when they are teenagers. The unique Swedish design allows the chair to be adjusted for any size child. We got Svan Chairs for our own children when they were about 1 yrs. of age. The jongest now is 6 and the oldest 8. And they are still using their Svan Chairs.

The Svan high chair is made from bent wood that is attractive and practical. The chair is very lightweight and easy to carry with one hand, and can be carried comfortably without bumping the legs.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this high chair. Young children can use the safety guard and tray. The tray is easy to remove and the safety guards slide out so that you can lift baby in and out of the chair.

As baby gets bigger, the chair can be adjusted downwards to accommodate his or her longer legs. The foot rest slides up and down the main support column for comfortable seating.

The seat can also be adjusted so that baby is sitting at the proper height to join the rest of the family at the dining room table.

Once your child is about two years old he can use the foot rest as a step to get up into the seat by himself. Children love the feeling of independence this gives them -- they are really grown up!

As your child continues to grow the foot rest can be adjusted further downwards until finally at about the age of eight years it can be removed altogether and the Svan chair can be used as a conventional chair.

The Svan chair is one of the most practical wooden high chairs on the market. It costs a bit more than a conventional high chair or a booster high chair but the amount of use it will receive more than compensates for the higher price. You probably cannot find another baby high chair that your child can use for so many years.

This is a product that our family is very content with over the years now.

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