Wooden Baby High Chairs – A Stylish Alternative

A Wooden Baby High Chairs – A Stylish Alternative


After years of supremacy, plastic baby high chairs are finally giving way to wooden baby high chairs. Not that plastic is bad or has drawbacks – plastic baby high chairs are practical, easy to clean, and will probably remain popular for many years to come. But let’s face it – wood has a special charm that plastic just can’t match, and that’s at least part of the reason for the comeback in wooden baby high chairs.

Many wooden baby high chairs combine the convenience of plastic with the good looks of wood. Plastic tray inserts are a common feature on wooden baby high chairs making cleanups that much easier. Another feature you’ll find on most high chairs – wooden or not – is a seat belt – always a good idea for keeping baby safe.

If you buy a wooden baby high chair that doesn’t come with a cushion, don’t worry. There are many cushions to choose from in a wide variety of patterns and washable fabrics. Many parents choose not to use a cushion on their wooden baby high chairs, however. Cleanups are much easier when it’s just a matter of wiping the wood.

Wooden baby high chairs are available in a variety of woods. Anything from hardwoods like maple or softwoods like pine can be made into a high chair. There are a few things to consider though when choosing a high chair. Pay particular attention to the finish of the wood. Run your hand all over the parts that your baby can touch and be on the lookout for splintering wood.

The best wood for wooden baby high chairs is a hardwood finished with a nontoxic varnish. These chairs look great and are safe for baby.

The great appeal of wooden baby high chairs is their traditional design, but there are also wooden chairs available in modern designs. From Sweden comes the Svan High Chair, a new design that is functional and attractive. It only weighs 12 pounds, but can hold up to 250 pounds. The footrest doubles as a handle that children can use to get up on the chair themselves.

Whichever style of high chair you look at, keep baby’s safety as a top priority. The chair should be stable; there shouldn’t be any sharp edges and folding chairs need to have a lock mechanism so they don’t accidentally collapse. There are plenty of wooden baby high chairs on the market that are both safe and attractive. You are sure to find something that suits both you and your baby!

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