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Maclaren Twin Rally Stroller - Not only for Twins


Maclaren Twin Rally Stroller, with that name you might be tempted to think about a specialty stroller for twins. Don't be fooled.

The Maclaren Twin Rally stroller is ideal for families who need quick and easy stroller movements. It is one of the more lightweight versions of a twin umbrella stroller on the market, and is capable of being folded up with one hand.

Further benefits include its ability to reduce down to a compact size that can fit in car trunks or small storage spaces in you home. It also boasts three sets of lockable wheels, making steering easier than strollers with bulkier mobility.Happy Baby

Although considered a “twin” stroller, the seats don't have to be used for children of the same age. They can fit a variety of ages – from a few months to a few years. Maximum carrying capacity is a total of 66 pounds between the two seats. This makes it ideal for families with small children looking to make transportation effortless.

For parents of varying sizes, there is the added bonus of adjustable handle heights. There will be no more hunching over to keep the stroller moving at the right pace, since it extends to a fairly substantial height.

This particular model comes with dual canopies, a detachable rain cover, and a parent storage bag. Each seat’s canopy moves independently, as does the reclining capacity of the seats. Therefore, when one child is sleeping and the other is curious about the surroundings, the stroller can accommodate the entire family! Well, Daddy has to walk himself...

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