Baby Breathing Monitors

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Baby Breathing Monitors


May parents worry about SIDS, which can happen without any warning. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is when a baby quits breathing while they are sleeping. With baby breathing monitors this worry can be left behind and you can sleep just as peacefully as your newborn. Healthy babies, full term babies and all babies can have irregular breathing during their first year of life. So, to ensure that you know that your baby is safe, investing in a baby breathing monitor is one product you must have.

There are general purpose audio only and combined audio and video monitors available. As I said general these are general purpose baby monitors that will give you the feeling of staying in contact with your little one. The topic of this article is more about monitoring the breathing pattern of you're baby. Its important to keep this distinction in mind. 

There are some companies that are now creating wonderful baby breathing monitors to give you that peace of mind and you will sleep so much better. The Babysense II Infant Respiratory Baby Monitor is a wonderful example. The monitor will sound an alarm if your baby stops breathing or if their breath becomes slow or irregular. Other great features of this monitor are two very sensitive sensors that you put under the mattress, a special sensor for newborns or for hospital use, two sensors for babies over three months of age, covers the complete area of the crib, uses AA batteries, and is portable. The sensors for the crawling age will reduce false alarms for crawling babies. Since, this unit is portable it is great to take everywhere you go. You can enjoy going on vacation and taking the unit right along with you.

Detecting sleep apnea in your baby is easy with baby breathing monitors. Sleep apnea has been linked to SIDS, this condition is when a baby has abnormal or slow breathing or does stop completely. Usually, the baby will begin breathing again all on their own, but with SIDS they do not start breathing on their own. Sleep apnea can be detected with baby breathing monitors and you will be there to help your baby breath again.

Some baby breathing monitors can even detect high fevers and other illnesses and will sound an alarm that will let you know that your infant needs your attention. With this type of monitor you will always feel safe leaving your baby in their crib all night and not have to check on them every 5 minutes. You will sleep better and be rested for another enjoyable day.

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