baby shower bingo

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Baby Shower Bingo

A fun game to play at any baby shower that will get every guest involved is Baby Shower Bingo.


Every one enjoys a good game of bingo and this one is perfect for a baby shower.

You should first choose what words you are going to use for Baby Shower Bingo.

Here is a good list of words to help you get ideas: Baby Food, Basket, Rubber Ducky, Baby's Name, Bottle, Baby Shower, Stroller, High Chair, Shower Games, Baby Clothes, Teddy Bear, Infant Carrier, Booties, Baby Bath, Bassinet, Safety Gate, Baby Walker, Baby Bottle, Baby Shoes, Baby Jogger, Diaper Bag, Formula, Bunny Rabbit, Maternity,
Learning Blocks, Baby Carrier, Feeding, Photographer, Changing Table, Baby Buggy, Shower Invitations, Maternity Wear, Activity Center, Beanie Baby, Baby Sitter, Mother Goose, Layette, Diaper, Shower Cake, Motherhood, Footies, Bedding, Ultrasound, Nursery Rhyme, Doll, Bibs, Baby Wear, Parent, Milk, Bath-Time, Toddler, Playpen,
Moses Basket, Mommy, Nursery, Baby Poem, Onesies, Cloth Diaper, Toys, Pacifier, Cradle, Baby Swing, Post-Natal, Rattle, Crib, Winnie The Pooh, Pregnancy, Receiving Blanket, Bouncer, Seat Safety, Pin, Pre-Natal, Rompers, Car Seat, Baby Toy, and Teether.

These are just suggestions you can use any words that you can think of that belong in a baby’s world. Now, you will need to decide if the caller will mark off each word as she calls them or if you want to cut each word out and have them drawn from a cup or bow.

You will need to make enough cards for every guest that will be attending the baby shower for them to enjoy the Baby Shower Bingo. Make them just like bingo cards, using pink or blue writing.

Baby Shower Bingo is a fun game that will have your guests wanting to play for a long time. Be sure that you have enough small gifts to give the winners for the amount of games you plan on playing.

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