Baby Shower Etiquette

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Baby Shower Etiquette

Knowing the ins and outs of Baby Shower Etiquette


Today most anyone can host a baby shower; traditionally it was only non-relatives that hosted baby showers. It does not matter in today’s society who host the shower only that one is hosted, as long as it is not the mother to be. The important thing is that someone plan and give the mother to be a nice party and one that see will remember. It is also fine for more than one person to share the responsibility of the party and host together. It is always more fun to plan fun activities with others.

Knowing who to invite is part of baby shower etiquette that is often overlooked. Sometimes the mother to be may have people she would rather not have at her shower. But, you also do not want to leave any family members out that you may not know. It is always best to talk with the mother to be herself or to another family member that would know the people she would like to have invited.

The proper way for inviting guests to the shower using the Baby Shower Etiquette guide is to mail them. Have adorable cute invitations written and mail them at least one month in advance of the baby shower including a RSVP, this will not only give them time to make arraignments to attend, but will also allow you, the host, time to prepare the shower for the number of people that will attending. Be sure that you include all the information that is needed on the invitation. If you are going to have a themed baby shower make sure each guests understands what they need to bring, or any special gift that you want guests to bring.

The baby shower etiquette used in choosing a location for the baby shower is only that the place it is held should be large enough to accommodate all guests and small enough to make it personal. This is a wonderful party that is about bringing a wonderful life into the world, make is as special as you can.

The best time to give the shower according to Baby Shower Etiquette is usually a month or two before the due date.

Remember this shower is to honor the mother to be. The best Baby Shower Etiquette is to make sure she is comfortable, even down to the chair she sits in. Some one should hand her the gifts, she should not have to lift a finger at this party in her honor. Let her know she is special and this is her day.


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