Baby Shower Favor Ideas

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Baby Shower Favor Ideas


You have the baby shower all planned and know what games you are playing, what food will be served, but now you are stuck on baby shower favor ideas. There are many nice favors that are unique and great for any baby shower.

You can choose baby shower favor ideas from candles, gift baskets, box of chocolates, stationary, picture frames, different types of baskets, bath and beauty items, gift certificates, flower vase, and even tickets to any event are all wonderful ideas.

Remember the guests are not expecting large gifts or prizes. The baby shower is for the mother to be and her guests are there to honor her. Your baby shower favor ideas do not have to be any expensive or elaborate, just a memento of the event.

Unique baby shower gift ideas are small guest bath soaps, gingerbread cookies dressed as babies or maybe hard candy in baby booties.

Useable baby shower favor ideas can include fruit gift baskets, hand or body lotion, bath beads or oils, magnets, notepads, pen and pencil sets.

Gift certificates are always great baby shower gift ideas. You can find gift certificates for nail salons, restaurants, and even clothing stores.

The best baby shower gift ideas come from the heart. You can find ideas in the party section in most stores, but if you choose to make your heart you will have more fun. Find cute little baskets adorn it with diaper pins of the blue and pink. Include in the basket bath and beauty products or baby and jogging strollers homemade jams and jellies, cookies, specialty teas or coffees.

Another wonderful baby shower favor idea is, as a parting gift to each guest have a candle with a prayer attached, and that asks them to light the candle and recite the prayer at the birth of your friendís baby. This will be a cherished item for everyone.

Everyone will enjoy any gifts they receive because they will know that you put your heart into finding just the perfect gifts for a lasting memory.


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