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Baby Shower Themes


Deciding whether to have a baby shower theme is really up to the one that plans the baby shower. Sometimes, it can be more work on the person planning the shower but it will be extreme fun.

There are all type of themes you can choose from that every guest will enjoy. If you know that the baby is going to be a girl you can choose to have pink and white theme. This way you can have drinks like pink lemonade, fruit punch making sure it is pink, cookies with pink icing, and cakes with pink and white icing. If the baby is going to be a boy use blue and white instead of pink. Decorate the room accordingly with either pink or blue streamers or bows. This is a simple way to have a theme without working too hard.

A great baby shower theme is the storybook theme. Have each guest bring their favorite book they remember from childhood. This is a great way to start the baby’s library of collectible books and gives the parents great classics to read to their little one at naptime or bedtime.

Pamper mom is always a hit for a baby shower theme. This is great for the mother to be. Every gift that is brought to the shower should be for the mom not the baby. Gifts could include boxes of chocolate, flowers, gift certificates for a spa, or manicure. Even comfortable clothing for after the baby is born. Nice warm fleece robes and house shoes are always gifts that the new mom will appreciate on the nights getting up with her newborn.

Coming up with new ideas for a baby shower theme can be more fun. Think of a mother goose rhyme and center all the decorations and party favors on that theme. Look at Little Boy Blue. You could have decorations of cows, haystacks, horns, etc and give as favors key chains with farm animals.

No matter what baby shower theme you choose your guests will have fun and the mother to be will be happy.

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