Baby Swings

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Baby Swings - Soothing and Comforting

Babies love to be rocked. The soothing motion of swaying back and forth has a calming effect on almost every baby. Unfortunately, parents don’t always have the time or the energy to rock their baby. It’s at these times that a baby swing comes in handy. Baby swings may help a newborn fall asleep or comfort a crying baby.

Baby swings can accommodate children up to about 25 pounds in weight. They are suitable for newborns and children up to about nine months old. There are two swinging motions -- sideways and back and forth. Some baby swings allow you to select between these two movements, but most models are only designed to swing either sideways or back and forth.

Colicky babies usually respond well to baby swings and pediatricians often recommend them to parents of colicky babies. The back-and-forth motion has a soothing effect that seems help baby.

There are hundreds of baby swings on the market today. They range in price from $30 up to a couple of hundred dollars with the average price being about $70 or $80. Most famous brands like Fisher-Price and a Graco have baby swings that they have been selling for many years. These models have a proven track record and have enduring popularity with parents.

Most baby swings have a windup mechanism that powers the swinging motor. There will often be a choice of speeds and extras features such as a music box and dangling toys to attract the attention of your baby.

Many baby swings can fold up when they are not being used. This is a very handy feature for parents with limited space. The folding mechanism usually is easy to operate and locks into place for maximum security.

When looking at baby swings, check to make sure there is some kind of harness system that keeps baby securely in place. A three-point or a five-point harness is the best system for ensuring your baby's safety.

It should be remembered that even though baby swings are designed to soothe and calm babies, children should never be left unattended while they are in a baby swing. Every year babies are injured while using baby swings. The most common injuries occur when the baby's neck gets stuck between the backrest and the bars that support the seat. These injuries occur relatively rarely, with only about 1000 injuries being reported per year in the United States, but they reinforce the need for supervision when your child is in a baby swing.

Baby swings can be a helpful aid for busy parents, and used with care they will make life easier for both parents and baby

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