BeBeLove Jogging Stroller

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BeBeLove Jogging Stroller


BeBeLove makes a full range of jogging strollers including double and single models. As well as the familiar 3-wheel strollers, BeBeLove jogging strollers includes a unique 4-wheel design that can be used on “all terrains.”

Most of these strollers are reasonably-priced - well under $200. For this money you still get lots of features. A double brake system, 16” wheels with pneumatic tires, reclining seat and adjustable canopy are standard on most models.

There is even a pink(!) stroller for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Both the single “Terrain Cruiser” and the double “DS Double” are available in shocking pink. Watch out!

Other models from BeBeLove, however, have more traditional color schemes like blue and grey. All the strollers are well-designed and stylish.

There are two models of swivel wheel joggers. These are perfect for all-round use. The swivel front wheel allows for easy steering in tight places, and it can be locked in position for jogging. These joggers have a 5-point harness system, an ample canopy for sun protection, and lots of storage space. The BeBeLove Swivel Wheel model has a 12” front wheel and 16” rear wheels while the BeBeLove 68 model has 12” wheels all around.

If you are looking for a jogging stroller that can be used on a wide variety of terrains BeBeLove has the answer for you. The Shock-Z All Terrain jogging stroller is a 4-wheel stroller with a unique shock absorber system.

There are 7 individual shock absorbers for making your child as comfortable as possible when going over bumpy trails. It has a reclining seat, a one-hand folding system, and a large storage pocket.

BeBeLove also has a double all terrain jogger - the Dual Shock-Z. This model has 3 heavy-duty shock suspension systems, a fly-wheel brake and 12” inch inflatable tires.

The all terrain joggers are great for getting through difficult terrains, but their small wheels are not really suitable for the type of jogging most parents are accustomed to.

If you jog on surfaces like grass or pavement, a 16” inch 3-wheel jogger would be more appropriate.

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