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Bell Jogging Stroller


The world is changing as is the way we carry around our young. Jogging Strollers are becoming a welcome addition to young mothers overall health programs. Bell Jogging Stroller was a brand we were promoting. We have no idea why Bell Sports seem to have lost interest but the fact remains that we get a lot of complaints and issues regarding this stroller.

Bob Joggers really have taken the place Bell once had. And apart from the great quality and feedback on Bob's products their service department is doing a perfect job. So where Bell once shined Bob has  now taken that rightful place.

Bob's revolutionary market entry

Bob Jogging Strollers are really taking the world by surprise. Never heard off a few years back and now the dominant player.

And for a good reason its a jogging stroller line from joggers for joggers.

Take the BoB revolution or the Sports Utility Stroller and you know what I'm talking about

Utility StrollerBaby strollers and the roll they play in the lives of mothers have changed dramatically in the last decade. Strollers were long used for quiet times and leisurely paced strolls.

Youngsters viewed the outdoor world from their perch on a slow moving “buggy.” Today a Bell Jogging Stroller can be spotted coming along at full speed. Tiny pink-cheeked faces peer from speeding strollers. Mother may be jogging behind, or even rolling along on inline skates. Our great grandmothers shake their heads in great dismay.

The Jogging Stroller is great for the kid

Our babies are being immersed into a fast paced world. They must adapt if they are to become successful in our modern society. To me, the little faces stained from the wind seem healthy and alert from the seat of their Bell Jogging Stroller! Mothers are learning to adapt as well. No longer do the have the leisure of excess time. What better way to get into shape?

Our modern culture demands a health conscious society. Lean, fit and trim are the standards that are held up for mothers to compare themselves to. Hollywood movie stars dominate the television screens in suave, svelte grace. They’ve become a measuring stick women everywhere try to live up to. The only way many women have the opportunity to pursue a fit physique is to jog behind a Bell Jogging Stroller.

Whether it’s a Baby Jogger, Bob Jogging Strollers, Dreamer Design, Schwinn, InStep, Kool-Stride, Tike Tech, or, you’ll find that you really can combine pleasure with a workout. How good it feels to escape the indoors, and breathe in the fresh air!

You’ll discover that it’s easy to strap that youngster into a comfortable and safe stroller and set out on your favorite course. You won’t be alone in looking forward to these outings – just watch those little faces light up when they realize it’s time to head out!

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