bob jogging stroller

Bob Jogging Stroller

BOB really is the Brand to Beat for a lot of people. The company was founded by a Californian group of outdoors enthusiasts and specializes en durable and lightweight products. Joggers for Joggers so to speak.

Let's go for the Bob Revolution!!!

Bob Jogging Strollers are quick and easy to fold up for storage, but take the storage part one step further. The removable wheels give Dad and added aspect to putting together and taking apart the youngster’s “vehicle”. The additional feature of removable wheels will also make long-term storage more convenient – no more rolling out of the closet every time you open it up.

Weather canopies are available for Bob Jogging Strollers. These additional items will take the frustration out of an unexpected drizzle. Sunshields that let children see out and parents see in, block out sixty-five percent of the sun’s heat and glare. You’ll be able to make the most of Dad’s day off - rain or shine!

And the Ironman Dually Sport Utility Stroller is an out of this world product for twins

Wow, talk about a smooth riding machine! Bob Jogging Strollers have three-inch suspension. These babies are as smooth “off road” as they are on city sidewalks. You’re tot will sleep as soundly as ever when Dad gets the urge to do a little cross-country exploration!

Dads are often accused of not being as careful as Mom. It seems that spilled drinks and skinned knees are more prevalent when Mom’s not around. Don’t despair! Bob Jogging Strollers are made of stain resistant materials that are perfect for Dad. A quick wipe will have it looking as good as new. It sounds like the perfect stroller to please both Mom and Dad!

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