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Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller - The Best


The Bob Sports Utility Stroller (SUS) is one of the most popular Jogging Strollers on the market today.

The Bob Revolution is basically the same model with the addition of a front swivel wheel for greater maneuverability. Bob Jogging Strollers are synonymous with quality

The Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller The swivel wheel makes the Revolution perfect navigating in tight spots. The wheel can be locked for regular jogging and for off-road terrain.

The Revolution has the same convenient features that made the SUS so popular. It can be easily folded up for storage and the suspension system and seating makes this stroller one of the most comfortable for your child. The seat reclines the number of positions in is fitted with a five-point harness system for maximum safety.

Be ware, the BOB Revolution is coming......

This is one of the more expensive jogging strollers on the market but the price is well justified when you look at the detail instruction. The suspension system is first class -- it can compress up to 3 inches. The entire frame is made of aluminum alloy which is the perfect combination of strength and lightweight.

Now there is Revolution Stroller with 12'' wheel available as well.

The broad canopy provides protection from the sun and there is lots of storage space -- an under-seat basket, two interior pockets and one exterior pocket.

The five-point harness system is adjustable so that as your child grows it always provides a comfortable fit and maximum protection. Other safety features include a parking brake and a safety wrist strap.

Parents are enthusiastic about this stroller. You will rarely hear any negative comments about the Revolution. One of the most handy features is the infant seat adapter which allows you to attach a car seat to the stroller. This means baby can be taken from car to stroller with a minimum of fuss.

Although jogging strollers can be used for walking small babies, Bob recommends waiting until your child is at least six months old before using it to run. Even though the Revolution has a superior suspension system, the vibration caused by jogging with the stroller may cause injuries to a small baby.

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