Dreamer Design Rebound

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Dreamer Design Rebound


Rebound is the top-of-the-line jogging stroller from Dreamer Design. It is an extremely functional and well-designed stroller with unique features like their patented Glide Suspension Technology and the ventilated Bubble Sun Canopy which can be used for either wind or sun protection.

The Rebound has one of the most convenient folding mechanisms of all jogging strollers on the market. Its thoughtful design makes it easy for parents to use and maintain. There is ample storage space for most purposes, an easy to clean foot support, and an adjustable handlebar so that people of various heights can easily use this stroller.

Safety features include a five-point harness system coupled to the reclining seat. There is a handbrake with parking button as well as a foot brake for locking the rear wheels. The safety wrist strap ensures that the stroller will never get away from you.

The underseat storage system provides lots of space for carrying necessities, and there are also pockets for smaller objects such as keys and cell phones. The seating area is also fitted with pockets for holding your child's toys or bottles.

The Bubble Sun Canopy is connected on a duel pivot system which allows it to the adjusted to almost any position. This makes it perfect for wind protection as well as sun protection -- you will be able to jog in almost any type of weather.

The frame is made from welded aluminum for extra strength. This makes for a heavier stroller than other brands, but at 27 pounds it is still light enough to allow easy storage. The frame itself comes with a 20 year guarantee while the fabric parts have a one-year guarantee.

The Rebound is available with a number of accessories including a bug canopy to keep insects away from your child and an infant insert for small babies. When taking your baby in a jogging stroller, it is advised not to run until baby is at least six months old. The vibration caused by rough terrain may cause injuries to small babies.


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